What is Darpan?

Darpan is a platform that connects citizens with politicians.

How does it work?

When a citizen signs up on Darpan, he can follow the politicians that are of interest to him. He can then engage with the elected representative and participate in discussions, provide his feedback, rate them and submit their grievances to them. He can also request for appointments with the elected representatives on a time of the representative’s convenience from the platform itself.

Is it free?

Darpan is and will always be free for Citizens.

Are all elected representatives/politicians on Darpan?

Currently, we are focusing on bringing more and more elected representatives on our platform across India.

Are all the accounts/profile genuine?

Yes, all accounts are verified by our team and only then are their profiles activated. The verification icon depends upon the office held by the politician in question.

What information does the elected representative get about me when I follow him and/or register my grievance?

Darpan takes privacy issues fairly seriously and we share only the information that you submit in the form, along with your user-ID to the representatives in order to allow them to contact you for any follow up, if required. For further information, kindly read our Privacy Policy.