Everyone Will Not Get Everything, This Is The RULE Of LIFE, Don’t Try To Get Which Is Not Yours. But Don’t Dare To Loose Which Is Yours…!

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SlumWalk (2ndOctober 2013)

(This post was originally published on 2nd October 2013)Nobody should ask what the country has done for him or her; instead the question that needs to be asked is what they have done for their country. After all, people make the country and that is something that has been clear right from the beginn

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Wake Up Call!

Since 2011 I have been stating that Indian Economy is under stress and corrective measures need to be taken. Back then people believed that I was being highly critical and "The fundamentals of the Economy are sound/Strong" the statement that every Finance minister makes at a time of financial crisis

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Is The Global Economy Headed To Another

While reading the news today I read about Dr. Raghuram Rajan, the governor of The Reserve Bank of India, who was warning of another great depression like scenario. According to Economic Times, Dr. Rajan was quoted saying:"The question is are we now moving into the territory in trying to produce gro

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Indian Railways: A New Beginning!

Indian Railways- The lifeline of 23 million Indians everyday. But aren’t all of us aware of the pathetic state of affairs of the Indian Railways? I guess most of us are, including the current Railway Minister. Today the honorable Railway Minister presented his first Railway Budget. The Railways is

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Startups: The Next Bubble?

I don't know if this definition still holds, after all, now-a-days we have several first time entrepreneurs, good ones or perhaps better than the seasoned ex-employees coming up with insane, unique and big ideas. So essentially, a start-up is nothing but any enterprise in its foundation stages. This

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Digital Marketing: Marketing Redefined.

In todays dynamic environment, we come across newer channels of advertisement and marketing. So managers are faced with challenge to spend on a wide range of options but they lack funds to exploit all of them.I tried looking for good content or strategies for digital marketing and realised that ther

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