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Politics Over Labor: Whose Interests Do The Labor Regulations Represent?

There has been a lot of discussion about employment creation, labor protection and labor rights that has come to forefront with increased mobility of capital. Several commentators have often commented how the increased mobility of capital has resulted in the relatively less mobile labor to be more e

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Why Should I Have To Pay More For My Metro Commute?

The DMRC was one of the great success stories of the public sector finally managing at creating an efficient corporation that provided citizens with quality public services at affordable rates while retaining some profits. It seemed as if the government had finally managed to create a lean organizat

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Review Of Darpan

Today we initiated the process of reviewing the platform and check for its complete functionality. There were no glitches that were reported. The platform is perennially under testing in order to ensure that the system runs smoothly. 

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So this is the first blog on Darpan Platform. It brings us immense joy to share with you the details regarding our citizen engagement platform called “Darpan”. Our platform is completely made in India and is India’s gift to the democracies world over. We believe that elected representati

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